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Convicted By The Gosnell Abortion Clinic Trial

Are you familiar with the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia? Not likely.

But it's not your fault though, which is why I would like to make you aware of it.

After all, how can I, as a Christian and in good conscience, not shed some light on this story?

The news coming out of the Gosnell abortion clinic trial is absolutely horrifying. Horrifying. Yet, the pro-abortion mainstream media has exercised it's right to be "pro-choice" on the matter by choosing to remain completely silent. Despicable.

In fairness, I am just as guilty in my reluctance to write about this case until today. That's why I felt convicted by the recent testimony coming out of the Gosnell trial. That's why I echo the following sentiments.

Ignoring Kermit Gosnell: Protecting Monsters in the Name of Abortion

I had to ask myself this morning why I haven’t been keeping you updated on the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell on the charge of murdering newborn children, as well as a host of other ghastly, horrific charges. The truth was that I found the reports too disturbing and I didn’t want to read the sickening details, much less spell them out for anyone else.

Then I came upon an article by Susan Stamper Brown, called “Concentration Camps, Abortion Clinics, and Selective Ignorance.” Ms. Brown begins by reminiscing on a tour she took through Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany several years ago. Afterwards, she joined friends across the street for lunch, but found that the sights she had seen had taken away her appetite, while others around her ate and laughed like there was nothing wrong. That caused her to reflect upon the townspeople during the World War II who lived around the camp, smelling the aroma of death and hearing the screams, but doing nothing. In fact, after the war they denied they knew anything wrong was happening in their midst.


This might be a good time for us to revisit a classic 33-minute documentary called 180 by Ray Comfort that's worth watching again and again.

Of course, whenever I the subject of abortion comes up I always think of Jesus' words about the last days recorded for us in the Gospel of Matthew.

Matthew 24:12 (ESV) 12And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

If this trial has revealed anything, then it's that the "love of many" has already grown cold. I'm afraid that I have to include myself in that group too though and, therefore, need to confess my sin of silence on this story.

I have to ask for your forgiveness. In ignoring this story, just because it made me sick, I was as bad as anyone else. If we turn our heads and look away from the ugliness and choose to do nothing, how are we any better than those citizens of Dachau? The plain truth is that we aren’t. [Source]

That apology could've been written by me.

Never again. Never.


About JKR

Christian. Husband. Father. Friend.

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