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VIDEO: A Faustian Pact With The Devil In Minnesota

Who do we blame for this?

That was Minnesota's Representative Tim Faust. He played a key role in helping Minnesota become the 12th state in the nation to say that so-called "gay marriage" is going to be authorized by the government. Romans 1:32 anyone?

Who do we blame for this? To be more specific, who do we blame at whatever seminary gave this man a degree and allowed him to graduate with the distinction of being a called and ordained servant of the Lord?

Yes, that's right! Mr. Faust is a Lutheran pastor turned politician. Yep, he's the minister of the Zion Lutheran Churches in Hinckley (Cloverdale) and Markville.

Sadly, he admits in the above video clip that he gets his authority from his own personal experiences. Sorry, but we get our authority from God as we are merely quoting the truth that we find in His Word.

As a Lutheran pastor, you should know that (and you should be ashamed of yourself, sir!). Then again, I suppose this isn't entirely surprising since he's an ELCA minister.

And isn't it the height of hypocrisy how his entire speech is a condemnation of us faithful Christians who want to quote from the Bible to weigh in with our verdict on this subject, and yet, it's ok for him to quote (misquote) the Bible to make his case!?!

"Because they are who God made them to be. Children of God."

I thought we weren't supposed to bring Christianity into this debate?

Here's what I now know about Minnesota. It's very cold, very un-Biblical, and very sinful.

In layman's terms, Rep. Tim Faust just made a faustian pact with the devil in Minnesota.

Lord, have mercy!


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