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I'm A Confessional Lutheran, But...

I found myself saying "Amen!" and nodding my head in agreement several times throughout this message by Rev. Jonathan Fisk.

For that reason alone, I thought it was worth sharing. But quite frankly, it's the perfect follow-up and exclamation point to the previous posts that we published that have documented and explained my escape from Evangelicalism to becoming a Confessional Lutheran.

DESCRIPTION: This is a sermon by Rev. Jonathan Fisk who speaks and discusses the crisis we have in catechizing our young ones -- in homes, in churches, and in schools. He skillfully addresses the problems and honestly expresses his own ongoing struggle to find a solution with regards to how we pass down the faith from generation to generation, especially this new generation which is being entertained to death. Of particular note, Pr. Fisk discusses the phrase "I've been a Lutheran all my life, but..." which is how Lutherans confess non-Lutheran teachings and criticize Lutheran doctrine and practice. This has become a standard phrase which tries to introduce a non-Lutheran solution to the problems that we see out there among our youth. Commendable for trying to fix the problem we all see, it falls flat because it does not come from Lutheran teachings. Pastor Fisk asks some tough questions for us to wrestle with as we catechize our youth.

In a Lutheran Layman's terms, his testimony is also VERY SIMILAR to my own in SO MANY WAYS (except for the part where he spent a lot of time in church when he was a kid) that I just had to share it in the hopes that the Lord will use it to speak the truth about Him and His Word into the life of another person out there who needs to hear this message like I so desperately did.


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